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Free Liturgical Calendar | September 2017

Happy September... She's a good one! We get to celebrate St. Teresa of Calcutta, Mary's Birthday, the Exaltation of the Cross and Padre Pio just to name a few! This month is a powerhouse... liturgically speaking.



Click on the image to download your Free September Calendar

May Liturgical Calendar Catholic Box


Have you ever wondered why the Calendar design changes each month?

Our Liturgical Calendars are designed to match our Frameable Faith Print, which is a

Monthly Catholic Print that we create to celebrate a Saint, Feast Day, Liturgical Season

or Devotion particular to each month!

If you love your monthly Calendar, you'll love Frameable Faith.

Check out the pair we featured for August:

August Theme: Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Liturgical Calendar is free and always will be, consider adding to your

monthly decor by subscribing to Frameable Faith for as little as $3 per month

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Frameable Faith Prints Displayed by our subscribers!

The idea that sparked Frameable Faith came from our desire to surround ourselves with reminders of our faith; to deepen it - yes, to learn more about its richness - alway.... but essentially to create an encounter with the beauty, truth and goodness of God and His Church in a new way each month. Words matter and there are just too many words in our daily lives that fill us with anxiety, despair or fear. The words on each Frameable Faith print are designed to fill you with truth, peace and hope.

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