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Free Liturgical Calendar | June 2017

Don't start your month until you've printed off your Free Liturgical Calendar!

Something super cool that you should know going into this month is that there are 6... yes SIX Solemnities this month. Solemnities are the HIGHEST form of celebration on the Liturgical Calendar, reserved for the most important Mysteries of Faith. There are only 17 Solemnities throughout the entire year and we have one EVERY WEEK this month, and one week even has 2!

Here are the 6 Solemnities we celebrate this month:

1. Pentecost (June 4)

2. Most Holy Trinity (June 11)

3. Corpus Christi (June 18)

4. Sacred Heart of Jesus (June 23)

5. Nativity of John the Baptist (June 24)

6. Saints Peter & Paul (June 29)

Get ready to CELEBRATE! June is a great month to be Catholic.


Click on the image to download your Free June Calendar

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