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Free Liturgical Calendar | April 2017

April is not fooling around - this month has a lot going on. The first half is spent in the throes of Lent - praying, fasting, giving alms - suffering in the desert with the Lord. The second week of April is Holy Week, the most dramatic week of the Liturgical Year when we enter into the Paschal Mystery of Christ; His Passion, Death and Resurrection. And then … finally… the moment we have been waiting for! The light shines in the darkness. There is life, light, growth, redemption (and in most cases… chocolate, once again!) The greatest Celebration - the Resurrection of the Lord: Easter Sunday! The ultimate Alleluia! He is Risen!

Okay, okay we may be getting ahead of ourselves. BUT... small signs of spring are coming forth and we just celebrated Laetare Sunday which means we're halfway there so things are looking hopeful. We hope that this Free Liturgical Calendar is helps you to live the Liturgical Year in your home, and celebrate the Saints and Seasons of the Church this month.

Our prayers are with you as you push through the second half of Lent and will remain with you in the beauty of the celebration of the Resurrection!


Click on the image to download your April Calendar

March Liturgical Calendar Catholic Box


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