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Free Liturgical Calendar | February 2017

Happy February, Friends! Here is your Free Calendar for this month...

Did you know that the month of February is dedicated to the Passion of Christ? This is because Lent often begins in February, but this year Lent begins March 1st (!) so that leaves us with an entire month before Lent begins to reflect on the Passion of Christ. I don't think this is a mistake though - the month that is associated with "love" (Cupid - Candy Hearts - Chocolates - Flowers) we are met with the reality of true selfless love; to lay down one's life for another. St. Paul of the Cross wrote, "The Passion of Christ is the greatest and most overwhelming work of God's Love." This month, spend some time to reflect on God's great love for you... this love where He endured death over risking eternity without you. May we share this Love with others.


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