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Liturgical Living made easy.

We are practicing Catholics, emphasis on practicing. As a family we would strive to pray together and enter into our faith through Christ-centered activities, but with all that life would throw at us, it wasn’t always easy.

We wanted something more, something better for our personal faith and to nourish the faith of our children, and ultimately to strengthen our family. With demanding jobs and ever busying schedules we found that aside from fulfilling our Sunday obligation, we were not living our Catholic faith the way that we were created to!

Liturgical seasons would come… and go… and we would think to ourselves: “we’ll do better next year.”

We had very sweet thoughts and sentiments of ways to enter fully into each Liturgical season, but when it came to executing those ideas, it just seemed as though there wasn’t enough time to prepare.

This is where the idea for Catholic Box came from.

For those of you that have been following us for a while now know this has been a long time coming....

We want to live our faith intentionally. We want that for you and your family too.

Our Liturgical Boxes will arrive to you before each Liturgical Season: Advent, Christmas, Lent & Easter. The box will be filled with ideas, activities, games, crafts, home décor, prayers, and even recipes to help you and your family to enter more fully into each Liturgical season, with little to no preparation on your part… other than checking the mail.

Perhaps you will learn something new or establish a family tradition! Receiving degrees in both Theology and Catechetics has paved the way for the creation of these boxes. Each box is prayerfully prepared to teach, and celebrate the faith in such a way that is both beautiful and approachable for young and old.

And for those of you that are just joining in for the first time...

Our Gift Boxes available here too, are designed in response to our desire to give thoughtful, meaningful, quality, and useful gifts to the special people in our lives for every occasion… but not having the time to shop in such a way.

Our goal was to create a collection of beautiful, quality Catholic items that can be given for all of the great celebrations that God blesses us with! We believe that our Gift Boxes provide you with the ease of picking a gift to commemorate, congratulate and celebrate life’s special events, or simply send something to bless someone’s day and show them you care. Look for our Sacrament Gift Boxes, coming soon!

Take a look around. Let us know what you think.

We hope to find that these boxes are inspiring, enlightening and help you deepen your faith and relationship with Christ by entering more fully into the life & celebration of the Church.

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