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Mother Teresa's Letter to a Seminarian

He had met her on a couple of different occasions... first as a seminarian in the Bronx, then once again as a Priest in Rome. His description of her... "she's the most extraordinary ordinary woman!" Father Peter is one of the very blessed people to have encountered this Saint of our time. He had the opportunity to speak to, write and pray with Mother Teresa.

Twenty five years ago, when he was a seminarian, Father Peter wrote to her to share the news of his Ordination, asking for her prayers. What he received back from her is something we can all treasure. Mother Teresa's words to a young seminarian speak volumes about the great respect she has towards the priesthood. Her short and simple letter so beautifully captures this great mystery of our Faith, the gift of the Priesthood, the heart of Our Lady and the power of the love of Jesus. Father Peter is a dear friend of our family... he witnessed our Marriage vows and preached our Wedding Homily, and he has been so kind as to allow us to share this beautiful letter here. He celebrated his 25th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination this past May, just 4 months before this intercessor of his will be Canonized a Saint on September 4th, 2016.

The first time I read her words "I will be with you in prayer on May 25 '91 in a special way" I said WOW! Father Peter... she PRAYED for you... Mother Teresa prayed for YOU!

But isn't that the gift of the Saints to us? They are all in Heaven, right now, praying for of us.


We approach the saints with our needs and they bring them to the Lord. Just as Mother Teresa interceded for Father Peter on the day he was ordained, think how much more she is praying for him now, with each Mass he celebrates.

We may not receive a letter from her assuring us of her prayers, but we can be confident that she's helping us out.

How much more perfect her prayers are now as she is enjoying the beatific vision in Heaven.

Her closing remark will be my prayer this week, the week when this simply incredible, and incredibly simple woman is Canonized a Saint. It's such a beautiful reminder to remain steadfast in the Lord, with great confidence in His love for us....

"Just learn to love Jesus with the conviction that nothing and nobody can ever separate you from His love."

Saint Teresa of Calcutta, pray for us

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