You will receive a DIGITAL Lent Map in your email, PLUS 6 Bonus Printables!! 


Easily track your Lenten Journey with our 2020 Lent Map! Each box has the number to countdown to easter, as well as the date! It also includes Friday abstinence reminders, Feast Day images for St. Patrick, St. Joseph and the Annunciation and Holy Week Images. There is a column on the right side to record your Prayer Intentions as well (note: the 11x17 poster does not have Intention space). Mark an "X" on each day or have your little ones color in the box to track your journey to Easter! 


You will receive:

- Lent Map in 3 size options (18x24, 11x17 and 8.5x11) send it to a print shop to print as a poster or simply print at home! 

- 2 Simple Saint Coloring Pages - Jesus Carrying the Cross Simple Saint and Resurrected Jesus. Resurrected Jesus has 50 Rays: color 1 ray each day of Eastertide! 

- 4 Prints: 2 for Lent and 2 for Easter  (formatted to be printed on 8.5x11 paper but can be trimmed down to fit 8x10 frames) 



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Lent Map


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