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Play BINGO with the Saints and now invite more players with these 6 extra playing cards!! 


You will receive a DIGITAL PDF of these 6 Saint Bingo playing cards in your email. 


Please Note: This is not the game - this is just a download of extra Saint Bingo Playing Cards. To purchase the Saint Bingo game, click here


Formatted to print on standard 8.5'' x 11'' paper


*We recommend laminating your game to ensure it lasts the test of time (and children)! We love this laminator and these lamination sheets. If you do laminate your bingo game, you can use dry erase or dot markers instead of using Bingo Chips. These are just suggestions - none of these items are required to play this game.


​Please note: 

© Copyright Jaimee Keogler 2021 | These images and files are for personal use only. Under no circumstances may this content be used for resale purposes of any kind.


​If you have any issues downloading your prints or with the image quality, please let us know.

Extra Saint Bingo Playing Cards


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