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These are not the frameables you will receive each month, but rather examples of the artwork you can expect.

The prints you receive will be themed to match the particular Liturgical Season, Saint Feast Day or Solemnity of that month...


and yup, it's a surprise. 



Canonization of Mother Teresa


Month of the Holy Rosary


Conclusion of the Year of Mercy


Advent 2016

Dec Bonus

Christmas 2016 

Dec Bonus
January 2017

New Year | Baptism of Jesus | Conversion of St. Paul

February 2017

St. Valentine's Day 

March 2017

Lent - The Anima Christi Prayer

April 2017


MAY 2017

100th Anniversary of Fatima

june 2017

Solemnity of Pentecost

St. Ignatius of Loyola

july 2017
august 2017
september 2017

Immaculate Heart of Mary

St. Padre Pio

october 2017

The Holy Guardian Angels

Subscriber Reviews


Laura, IL

I love words and find the best way to express myself and at the same time inspire my grown children and friends who come to visit. 


I am always excited to receive my new print, and have received many compliments on them, which I am always happy to guide them to the services of Frameable Faith.  Thank you for your ministry

Kendra, MA

The Frameable Faith subscription has been such a blessing to me and my family! Although it only takes me seconds to open, read, and frame my print each month, it has moved me to deeper prayer in a really manageable way. I have used it as a faith tool to hold myself accountable to be more creative in opening my heart to God. As a busy mom, it is very hard to find time to pray regularly as much as I wish I could. This has helped me to delve deeper into scripture and read more of the Bible as it relates to each print.


Beyond the actual print, the entire packaging and presentation is very thoughtful. My husband and I really enjoy the liturgical calendar included with each print and the timely added prayers tools, like the St Andrew Novena in December.  

Laura, CT

My favorite day of the month is easily the day my Frameable Faith from Catholic Box arrives. It always speaks to my heart, challenges my soul, deepens my faith, and brings me closer to God. 

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